Introduction to price lists

A price list serves two equally important purposes. It contains prices for a collection of products, and defines the assortment of products available. For example, you can create a price list for a campaign, define a limited assortment for a specific group of customers, or create a VIP price list for your most loyal customers.

Creating a price list

In its simplest form, a price list contains a set of products and its prices. To create a new price list, go to Pricing > Tools > New.

Create price list

Below is a rundown of the basic settings.

Field Comment
Name The name of the price list.
Description A short text describing the purpose of the price list.
Code Code is a unique identifier that allows integration with other systems and is necessary when importing products.
Parent Price List The price list from which prices are inherited.
Currency The currency of the price list.
Starts/Ends The date and time when the price list is activated and deactivated.
If no dates are set the price list is active at all times.
Price Rule The price rule of the price list.
Minimum Product Margin Default value for the minimum product margin allowed for this price list. Overrules the price rule.
Supplement Charge An additional charge, fee or kickback that will be taken into the calculation of the margin. Can be both a fixed amount and a percentage.
Image An image used to illustrate the price list.
Primary The default price list of the application.
Public Price list will be included in best price calculation. A non-public/private price list has to be explicitly included in API-calls.
Favorite A favorite price list will appear as a tab in the pricing tab of the product view.
Note that all public price lists will be shown as tabs.
Public price lists

In order for a price list to be applied, it must be marked as Public for each application.

Disable a price list

"To disable a price list, click on the "x" at the end of the price list row. The price list will then appear under "Show Inactive." Please note that you cannot deactivate the primary price list."

Inactive price lists

A price list that has not been active for at least 18 months will be deleted.

Warehouses and Suppliers

A price list can have one or more supplier price lists linked. For the Standard price list, all supplier price lists should be connected for their standard pricing.

Connected Warehouses controls product availability for the specific price list, i.e. which warehouses should be taken into consideration when On Hand availability is calculated for a product.