Norce Commerce Detailed design

The articles in this section contain detailed technical information about complex features in Norce Commerce.

Functional detail content is aimed at architects, developers, and super users who need deeper insight to implement, customize, or set up the functionality described.

To See
Understand how to design your applications, channels and stores in a hierachial model that works for your business. Application structure
Understand how Norce Commerce handles multi-markets Sales in many countries
Understand how Norce Commerce work with stock and availability, how you should configure and implement your solutions Availability structure configurations and development concerns,
On hand calculation on Bundle products,
add more data to the stock information
How to design a pricing and assortment structure Pricing structures, the diferent pricing priorities and more details on the built-in price methods.
How to use product status rules Product status can be both automated and handled manually and by behaviours in Norce Commerce. Read about what is possible here.
How to create offers or bundles in Norce Commerce There are many ways to do it, read about different possibilites here where Norce's bundle functionality is just one way.