Norce solution architecture

An overview of common solution architectures with Norce Commerce

Logical view

Here is a logical view of a system architecture.

Logical view

Client systems

The client has their own systems already in place. Primarily the ERP system. But it can also be old legacy systems, POS, PLM and any others that has data or handles business logic that the commerce processes is concerned with.

Norce Commerce components

Several api's and services from Norce.

  • Norce Commerce Services , is build for the site backend to use. Provides the result of data, configurations and business logic in Norce specific for an Application that is set up in Norce.
  • Norce Commerce Connect , is designed for system integration and is used primarily by the integration layer to get data in to Norce, like products, prices, inventory and such.
  • Norce Commerce Query , is a way to ask for more information directly to Norce's data layer. Used for looking up specific information from the raw data stored in Norce.
  • Norce Commerce Event , is a way to subscribe to events in Norce. Primarily used by the integration layer.
  • Norce Commerce Product Feed , set up product catalog push:es to populate other systems, like a search service or a marketplace.
  • Norce Commerce Managed adapters, different pre-built integrations to other system. Most often the PSP adapters is needed.

3rd party services

Almost always there are other services or systems from 3rd parties needed to complete the solution. This can be additional services the frontend uses, like a CMS or an external search service. But it can also be a data source used to add content to the product catalog, like a Supplier. And of course it is common to have a payment service provider to handle the transactions. Among other things.

Solution specific layers

Lastly the specifics regarding the solution needs to have its customization, orchestration or consolidation of data in a couple of layers, it is a frontend, where the ui and presentation is done, the site backend to it, where consolidation of data, mappings and customer business logic is executed and also an integration layer, where data and transaction is handled between systems.

Psysical view

Here is a physical view of a system architecture.

Physical view

Norce Commerce SaaS

Norce hosts its SaaS solution in the cloud (Azure). For older clients a private cloud was used.

Solution specific hosting

Norce does not host the solution specific services and assets. They can be hosted by the Solution partner, the client or in a cloud solution from a 3rd party, like a CMS cloud solution.