Integrate with other systems

The API's for integrating systems

For system integration Norce [Storm] Connect, Norce [Storm] Query and Norce [Storm] Event is used. Read about how they work and what you need to think about here:


Read about channel feed integration here.

Use channel feed to index external search services or mapping product catalogs to external sales channels like a marketplace or a large customer or reseller.

Code examples

If you want to look at some examples there is the Postman collections here: Norce [Storm] Connect Examples and here: Norce [Storm] Query Examples.

You can get information on how to use Postman for Norce here: Working with Norce´s Postman examples

Common Practice guides

Order Integration

To handle customer orders you need to build a receiver, that Norce can call when new orders are created.

Read about what you need to do here: Implement an Order Receiver Service

Other Guides

Also check the solution documentation to get a more functional overview on how and what you can do with Norce.

And the documentation about building commerce apps