Building commerce apps with Norce [Storm]

Help and resources for those who want to understand how to build storefront apps using Norce [Storm].

Overview and architecure

The Frontend development design document introduces architectures, terminology, and development patterns as well as what to think about overall in your system design.

Calling the Norce [Storm] API explains how Norce [Storm] API works and what to consider regarding credentials and such.


In the Postman collection, you can find Norce [Storm] API Examples about Norce [Storm] API calls. If you're unsure about how the Postman collection works, check out Working with Norce [Storm]'s Postman examples.

On Github, Norce [Storm] has a sample Storefront application built in .Net 7 which can be run in Docker. This will give you near real-life examples to check out. Read more about The Sample Storefront project.

Working with products

Working with Products and variants presents what you need to know to understand the product model and how we structure products and variants in Norce [Storm]'s entity model.

Working with listing products and variants provides information on searching, listing and finding products without an external search service. If you do use an external search service, check out Working with Products and Search using Norce [Storm] Channel and Building a Channel Feed receiver

Buying and shopping

For building the shopping experience, read Working with Baskets using Norce [Storm] API and Working with the checkout process using Norce [Storm] API

To understand how to work with Norce [Storm]’s solution for creating a login functionality, go to Working with Customers and the login process with Norce [Storm] API

Related guides

To get a more functional overview of how and what you can do with Norce, read the solution documentation:

And the documentation about system integrations: