Norce [Storm] Fundamentals training

Norce [Storm] Academy Fundamentals is a basic training course aimed at partners It extends over a full day and provides an overview of how e-commerce solutions are built with Norce [Storm] as an e-commerce platform.

The course provides a good understanding of what Norce [Storm] is and how to get started designing and building solutions with Norce [Storm] APIs. The training course is aimed at you who are a technician, developer, system integrator or tech lead, but even you who are a business consultant, project manager solution architect or work in technical presales will get a lot out of the course.

Practical details

Full day distance course (Microsoft Teams) Free of charge if you take part in a course evaluation post the event (online survey) Available courses opportunities Available course dates are shown at the top of the page.


Norce [Storm] Academy Fundamentals is aimed at you who have basic knowledge of Norce [Storm] and e-commerce but may lack or have limited practical experience. The course is preparatory for the next level which is our upcoming certification training course.

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